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Benefits of Konjac Sponge

  • 100% Biodegradable and eco-friendly,if your company value is on the sustainable, this sponge is one your choice.
  • Easy to use and nice to your skincare, the konjac is good for the skin, clean and acne prevention
  •  Low MOQ, we have our own shape mould and keep some regular stock, you do not need buy too much at the beginning, low MOQ can help you start up your business

Konjac Sponge Different Shape to Choose

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Figure 6-Konjac sponge wholesale
Figure 9-Konjac sponge wholesale
Figure 8-Konjac sponge wholesale
Figure 8-Konjac sponge wholesale
Figure 1-Konjac sponge wholesale
Figure 2-Konjac sponge wholesale
Figure 3-Konjac sponge wholesale
Figure 5-Konjac sponge wholesale

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Questions and Answers

The main raw materials of the sponge are konjac flour and water. Konjac is a type of corm plant that mainly grows in mountainous areas of southern China. Konjac flour is mixed with water, foamed, and then injected into the corresponding mold to form the final konjac sponge that we see today used for facial cleansing.

The recommended frequency for changing a  sponge depends on personal usage frequency and cleansing efficacy. Generally, it is recommended to replace it every 2-3 weeks, as prolonged use may lead to bacterial growth and the konjac will be broken after 2-3 week using. When you see the sponge is broken, it is time to replace.

Yes,after using a konjac  sponge, we suggest  you wash your face to confirm your face is clean.. No matter what kind tool you use to wash the face, clear water  is the last step to wash the skin cells left on your face

  • Yes, konjac sponge can remove the oil and dirt o  your face, the sponge material is only plant ,without other chemical ingrediates, and konjac is good for your skin, so do not worry about if the sponge is clean. But do not forget to wash it with clean water before use, and also important to clean and dry it after use.
  • Keep it  in a dry place, our face sponge comes with a hanging rope, which can be hung in a dry and well ventilated place after use.
  • Regular replacement: Konjac face washing sponges, should be replaced regularly to avoid using expired products that may have adverse effects on the skin. Generally, it is recommended to use each konjac face washing sponge for 2 weeks, as it may become damaged after 2 weeks of use and need to be replaced.
  • Konjac face washing sponges are made from konjac powder, water, and cellulose, and these materials are biodegradable. Therefore, konjac face washing sponges are biodegradable and can naturally decompose in appropriate environments without causing significant harm to the environment.
  • Konjac sponge is more and more popular now, not only it is biodegradable, people focus on the environmental protection, but also because konjac itself has some advantages, such as cleaning, moisturizing and acne prevention.

When your konjac sponge is worn out or needs to be replaced, disposing of it is very simple. You can simply throw it into the organic waste bin, where it will be biodegraded. Since konjac sponges are made from natural materials, they can be broken down and will not have a harmful impact on the environment.

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