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Sustainable Bamboo Dropper Bottle is an Increasing Trend for Natural Skincare Brand

Planet-Friendly Bamboo
Dropper Bottle

  • Order the bamboo dropper bottle packaging from ThreeBamboo. It’s made from sustainable bamboo that’s eco-friendly and long-lasting.
  • Bamboo has a lower carbon print, hence, resulting in a planet-conscious alternative.
  • Functionality meets planet-friendly aspects as these dropper bottles remain sturdy throughout the use and are compostable post-use.
  • You may customize the bamboo dropper bottles using laser engraving to reflect the oriental style of your brand.

Versatile Bamboo Dropper

  • Bamboo droppers may be used with any bottle to dispense the solution, ensuring their versatility.
  • Constructed using high-quality PP and Bamboo, the products are sturdy and durable so that you may reuse them. You may store prescription medicine, oils, serum, and lotions in these.
  • The bamboo dropper bottle dispenses the liquid precisely and is leak-proof. This helps in preventing spilling and product wastage.
Figure 1-Bamboo Dropper Bottle

Bamboo Dropper Bottle Category

Choose the bamboo cream jar you like and contact our sales to know more information.More bamboo cosmetic packaging, click here.

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Questions And Answers

Bamboo dropper bottles are an excellent choice for cosmetic packaging. This type of bottle is a sturdy and sustainable option that is becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetics industry. The bamboo used in these bottles is not only strong enough to protect the glass bottle inside, but it increases the looks of the packaging and the hand feeling of the bottle.

Furthermore, bamboo is naturally resistant to water, oils, and other liquids, making them ideal for storing cosmetics.

Bamboo dropper packaging is a great way to keep your herbal remedies, liquid medicine or supplements, aromatherapy products, and essential oils safe and secure. These eco-friendly and sustainable packaging products are an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Bamboo dropper packaging has many uses and benefits.

One of its most common uses is for containing essential oils. Bamboo dropper packaging prevents oils from spilling and can help keep them secure and prevent them from evaporating. It also helps protect the oils from sunlight, which can be damaging to many essential oils.

You may choose from black and white dropper colors with a natural bamboo finish. Please refer to the website to pick the right size for the packaging.

You can request free samples before placing a large order on bamboo dropper packaging. This is a great way to check the quality of the product and verify that it meets the standards of your business.

It can also help ensure that you are getting the best value for your money and that the packaging accurately represents the product. We’ll charge a shipping cost of 50 USD.

You’ll receive your order for the in-stock items within 7 days from the date of successful payments.

Our team will process any custom order in a production window of 25-60 working days. Also, connect with our sales staff for the time frame of the specific order.

If you receive defective or damaged dropper bottles, our team will gladly replace them. Please share details of the damage with photos/videos so we can assess the cause and investigate the error. We’ll send replacements for the roller bottles with your next order.


  • With stock, MOQ is one full carton
  • Without stock, 1,000 pcs to 5,000pcs case by case.

We offer OEM and logo customization using engraving logo or silk printing. This will let you add brand details and personal touches to the bottles.

Yes, we may use PP(polypropylene) and glass to make a functional dropper bottle. Both these materials are recyclable.

It is made from 100% natural bamboo and is designed to be reused multiple times. When it reaches the end of its life, it can be broken down and composted. This makes it an eco-friendly, sustainable packaging option for a variety of products.


It’s also a great way to reduce plastic waste, as bamboo is a renewable material that does not require any extra resources for production. With its stylish, modern design, the bamboo bottle packaging is the perfect choice for anyone looking to reduce their environmental carbon footprint.

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Switch to Sustainable Bamboo Dropper Bottle Packaging

Switching to sustainable bamboo dropper bottles is the perfect option to reduce the plastic waste generated by cosmetics packaging. Bamboo dropper offers a unique and natural solution to reducing waste while also providing a beautiful, eye-catching packaging option.

Not only are bamboo droppers 100% biodegradable, but they are also a great way to showcase your products. By transitioning to sustainable packaging, you’ll be helping the environment while also giving your customers a product that is environmentally conscious.  

The bamboo dropper bottle packaging is a unique type of packaging, and it is perfect for any type of product. It is helpful for dispensing serums, lotions, oils, and medicines in precise amounts.Figure 2-Bamboo Dropper Bottle

Why is Sustainable Bamboo Dropper Bottle Packaging a Better Choice?

Bamboo dropper bottle packaging is a more sustainable choice because it is made from a renewable resource. Bamboo is fast-growing and can be regrown quickly. It also requires less water and fertilizer than other materials, making it a more planet-friendly choice.

Bamboo is also biodegradable, meaning it will decompose naturally over time. This makes it a more sustainable choice than plastic packaging, which is not biodegradable. Moreover, bamboo droppers can be designed with sturdy materials such as PP and glass for a pleasing appearance.

Benefits of Using Bamboo Dropper Bottles

The bamboo dropper bottle lid helps to keep the contents safe, and the bamboo material itself provides superior protection from the elements. This makes it an excellent choice for storing liquids or perfumes. There’sThere’s minimal risk of leaking or spilling during transportation.

Bamboo dropper bottles are also lightweight and easy to transport, making them an excellent option for travel. Finally, this unique packaging can help to add a special touch to any product, creating an eye-catching and memorable display.

Not only is it sustainable and lightweight, but it also offers a unique look and feels that is sure to draw attention to any product.

Application of Bamboo Dropper Bottles

Here are some of the applications of bamboo dropper bottle packaging.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are generally used for aromatherapy and therapeutic purposes. The lightweight and anti-leak bamboo droppers are ideal for these potent oils. The dropper tops also allow for precise and easy use of the oils.

Healthcare Products

Bamboo dropper bottles can also be used to store liquid medicines, supplements, and other healthcare-related products. These bottles provide secure storage for these products and ensure the product stays stable for longer.

Organic Beauty Products

Bamboo dropper bottles are perfect for storing natural and organic beauty products, such as lotions, creams, beard oils, and serums. The bottles are easy to fill, label, and store securely, while their dropper tops make it easy to apply the product in the right amounts.

How Can You Make the Switch to Sustainable Bamboo Dropper Bottle Packaging?

There are a few things you can do to make the switch to sustainable bamboo dropper bottle packaging. Make a plan to ensure the packaging design reflects your brand. Consider the type of bamboo you use. There are many different types of bamboo, so make sure you use a type that is sustainable.

Make sure you use a dropper bottle that’s further combined with non-polluting materials such as glass or PP. There are various types of bamboo dropper bottles on the market, so find one that fits your needs. Finally, make sure you use a sustainable bamboo dropper bottle packaging company.

There are many companies that offer sustainable bamboo dropper bottle packaging, so find one that does what it claims.

Wrapping Up

Bamboo is a great sustainable material to use for packaging. It is solid and durable and can be used for a variety of purposes. Switching to bamboo dropper bottles is a great way to reduce environmental impact and help promote sustainable practices.

With various storage applications, bamboo droppers are multi-use and may even be repurposed at home.


Bamboo Dropper Bottles can be mainly classified into the following categories:

Glass Body: This type of Bamboo Dropper Bottle usually has a high-quality glass body, which can protect the liquid product from light and air. The cap and dropper are made of natural bamboo and eco-friendly materials.

Plastic Body: This type of Bamboo Dropper Bottle usually has an eco-friendly PET or PP plastic body, which has good durability and transparency, allowing consumers to see the liquid inside clearly. The cap and dropper are also made of natural bamboo and eco-friendly materials.

Reusable Body: This type of Bamboo Dropper Bottle usually has a glass or plastic inner container that is assembled with a bamboo shell on the outside, along with a bamboo dropper and cap. This type of bottle can be used multiple times and is suitable for high-end products such as essential oils and perfumes.

The differences between different bamboo droppers

Regarding bamboo dropper bottles, besides differences in the bottle body, the most significant difference is in the bamboo dropper.Bamboo droppers come in several types.

  • The first type includes bamboo droppers that contain plastic components.

Bamboo droppers that contain plastic components are currently the most widely used type, and they are our standard stock item. Due to the need to screw onto the bottle, the threads are located on the plastic component. The standard sizes are 18/410 and 20/410.

  • The second type does not contain plastic components

This kind of bamboo dropper threading that screws onto the bottle is located on the bamboo ring. This type of bamboo dropper with threading on the bamboo ring needs to be customized. If you need to match it with your bottle, you must provide your bottle, and we will customize the threading based on the threading of your bottle.

  • The third type is the CRC bamboo dropper

CRC bamboo dropper requires the use of CRC components and bamboo for assembly. Typically, the CRC bamboo dropper is used to package CBD oil or other products that are not suitable for children to handle. This type of bamboo dropper also needs to be customized, and there is no standard inventory available.

Figure 3-Flat Shoulder Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper


How to choose bamboo dropper bottle?

Here are some small tips for your reference to choose the bamboo dropper bottle

  • CRC Bamboo Dropper Bottle

When selecting a bamboo dropper bottle, the first consideration is your product. If your product is cannabis oil, then the CRC dropper is your preferred choice. However, the minimum order quantity and price for this type of dropper are relatively high. If you have sufficient budget, then you can choose the CRC dropper. If your budget is limited and you don’t want to purchase too many in the initial order, then you may need some eye-catching labels to inform consumers that your product should be kept away from children.

  • Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper

If you prefer glass bottles, then there are more options to choose from. You can choose different shapes, colors, and capacities based on your brand positioning and design. Glass bottles can be silk-screened, and bamboo droppers can also be laser engraved to highlight your brand logo.

  • Glass inner all Bamboo Dropper Bottle

If you prefer a bamboo dropper bottle with a bamboo shell all over, then the bamboo shell with a glass inner container is your preferred choice. We offer this style of essential oil bottles in 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml sizes, and we have inventory available. Even if you purchase a small quantity, we can meet your needs. We recommend laser engraving for branding on this type of bottle. Although the price may be higher, if you have a unique design laser engraved on the bamboo shell, it can greatly highlight the uniqueness and brand value of your brand.

About the assemble of the bamboo dropper

Sometimes, we ship bamboo droppers to customers unassembled, and we would like to explain why. The bamboo dropper contains a glass pipette inside. If the quantity of the shipment is small and shipped in a single box, the transportation of the dropper can be easily damaged. In this case, you need to assemble the dropper yourself. Here is a bamboo dropper assembly video for your reference. If you have a large quantity of droppers, we will assemble them for you and arrange them in boxes to make it more convenient for your use.


That’s all for the information about bamboo dropper bottles in this article. These are some simple and basic information that we have gathered from many customer inquiries, and we would like to share them with you. If you have any other questions about bamboo dropper bottles, please feel free to contact our sales support team.

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