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Figure 0-Bamboo Cream Jar

Go Green With Bamboo Cream Jar Packaging

  • ThreeBamboo takes pride in delivering high-quality bamboo cream jar packaging.  
  • We use sustainably sourced bamboo from certified forests. This ensures we have the best raw material to make the jars.  
  • Our strong work ethic makes us trustworthy for small as well as large companies looking for sustainable and attractive packaging.
  • Our bamboo cream jar packaging is perfect for all products, such as face cream, butter, and concealer.

Made-To-Order Bamboo Cream Jar

  • The bamboo cream jar is made of high-quality bamboo, a sustainable and environmentally friendly material.
  • The jars have lightweight and travel-friendly packaging; we have small-capacity jars you can use as travel packages.
  • These jars come in various sizes and shapes for a unique look.
  • We use high-quality glass, PP, and aluminum – to line the inner packaging.

Why Choose ThreeBamboo?

In order to ensure your success, we aim to provide you with high quality, cost-effective, timely, and risk-free manufacturing services.

ThreeBamboo Factory Overview

Questions And Answers

Yes, these bamboo cream jars are definitely durable for cosmetic packaging. They’re produced with ethically sourced high-quality bamboo that is both lightweight and sturdy. Hence, they’ll protect your products well while still looking great on your vanity or shelf.

The sturdy material is a good choice for packaging products to be shipped internationally. Besides, the inert material allows the product to be stored for long periods. Bamboo’s natural woody finish has a beautiful earthy component that’s pleasing to look at. This will complement any cosmetic line.

If you have enough budget, bamboo is much better than plastic and acrylic. Bamboo cosmetic containers are way better for the environment in comparison to plastic ones. Moreover, these containers are also more aesthetically pleasing than plastic ones. They have a natural look that can give your cosmetics brand a more organic feel.

And because bamboo is a neutral material, it may be easily customized, decorated, or branded to match your company’s theme. Since bamboo is a hypoallergenic material, it’s safe for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

It is also less likely to harbor bacteria than plastic. So, the customers will be inclined to buy your products, appreciating the environmental and health benefits of natural bamboo packaging.

You can store a variety of things in these bamboo cosmetic jars, such as makeup and skincare products. For example, you can store your lip balm, concealer, face cream, butter, and other cosmetics, even some daily accessories, capsules, etc. They’re perfect for storing your everyday essentials or for taking them on the go with you.

Yes, you can always request a free sample of our bamboo cosmetic jar before making a large order

  • If we have the existing samples, the sample is free to provide, and you undertake the shipping cost of 50 USD.
  • If you need a bespoke sample, 60 USD/Item, and a shipping cost of 50 USD

This way, you can test the product and see if it meets your needs and preferences.

  • For stock items: 7 days to prepare after we receive the payment
  • For production after order: standard production time is 25-60 working days; for the exact time, please contact our sales.

If you receive a damaged or defective bamboo cosmetic jar, we’ll gladly replace it. Simply send us a description of the damage along with pictures or videos. Our team will investigate the issue. If we find the issue from ours or the delivery partner’s side, we’ll send replacements for the defective pieces.

  • For stock item bamboo cream jars, we do not limit the MOQ.
  • If there is no stock, the MOQ is case by case; please ask our sales.

You can reach our team to discuss the customization before placing the order. We’ll be happy to include your brand name and any other details on the outer packaging. Besides, we can change the packaging’s inner materials and design elements to fit your brand better.

The new packaging can be as unique and personalized as you need it to be. You may let us know the size and shape of the bamboo cosmetic container needed for your products.

And if you choose our design packages, we provide the laser engraving or screen printing logo service.

Yes, these bamboo cream jars are both leakproof and travel-friendly! They have a screw-on lid that seals in the freshness of your products, and they’re lightweight and easy to take with you on the go.

Whether you’re headed to a weekend getaway or to the gym, these jars keep your creams and lotions safe and sound. You may also choose smaller bamboo cosmetic containers for travel or marketing sample packs.

Yes, for the glass jar with a bamboo lid, we can do the plastic-free, without the plastic inner cap. The aluminum bamboo jar is also a plastic-free variant to choose from for packaging. Both of these options will meet your business demands.

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Sustainable Packaging With Bamboo Cream Jar

As the world is more conscious of the need for sustainable packaging, bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular packaging solution. It’s sustainable in the long run due to its biodegradable nature. Hence, it has a smaller carbon footprint.

Keep on reading to learn more about Bamboo cream jars as a sustainable packaging option.

How are Bamboo Cream Jars Made?

The bamboo cosmetic containers are made from bamboo fibers that are compressed and formed into a jar shape. They are then coated with a natural resin to make them water-resistant. A lining of glass and aluminum is also used on the inside to make sure the product stays stable.

No use of toxic chemicals is there in these jars. Bamboo cosmetic jars are a great alternative to plastic or glass jars. These containers are lightweight and have a natural look and feel.

Bamboo cream jars can be custom printed with your logo or brand name. They are also available in different sizes and shapes to fit your product needs. Whether you are looking for a small jar for samples or a large jar for your product, bamboo cosmetic jars are a great option.

Purpose of Sustainable Packaging

Packaging has come a long way over the years. It started as just a simple way to protect the product and keep it clean. But today, it is so much more. It can be used to market the product and even to tell a story.

Sustainable packaging is packaging that is designed to be environmentally friendly. It is made from materials that can be recycled or reused. It is also designed to use less energy and produce less waste. Sustainable packaging is the future of packaging.

Figure 1-Bamboo Cream Jar

Why Choose a Bamboo Cream Jar As a Sustainable Packaging Option?

There are a number of reasons why bamboo cream jars could be a sustainable packaging option. As we know, bamboo grows quickly and regenerates easily, making it a more environmentally friendly choice than other materials.

Additionally, bamboo jars are biodegradable and compostable. This implies they may be easily disposed of without impacting the environment. Besides, bamboo jars are incredibly lightweight and durable. This leads to safe and convenient transportation.

Lastly, the packaging has an earthy feel and shows that the brand is environmentally conscious.

Switching to Sustainable Packaging

Making the switch to sustainable packaging can seem daunting, but there are many ways to make the transition. You can start by finding sustainable packaging options like ThreeBamboo that fit your needs and budget.

Moreover, you may make small changes to your packaging process to reduce waste and save energy. And finally, you may promote the benefits of sustainable packaging to your customers via employees and marketing.


Now you know why to choose bamboo cream jars for sustainable packaging needs. The most obvious reason is that bamboo is a renewable resource as it grows rapidly and is easy to source. Being biodegradable, it may be composted or recycled after use.

It’s time to switch to bamboo jar packaging for sustainability. They are made from a renewable resource and may be custom printed with your logo or brand name.


Bamboo cream jar is a cream container made of bamboo. In recent years, it has gained increasing attention and popularity due to its advantages in environmental protection, sustainability, and aesthetics.

Firstly, bamboo is a natural renewable resource with high growth rate and adaptability. Compared with traditional plastic materials, the production and processing of bamboo have much less negative impact on the environment.

Secondly, bamboo cream jar has a natural and beautiful appearance, and provides a better texture and feel when in use, which better meets people’s needs for environmentally friendly and high-quality lifestyle.

Finally, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the pursuit of sustainable products by consumers, bamboo cream jar has become a new trend in the cosmetics industry. More and more brands are adopting bamboo cream jar to replace traditional plastic packaging, in order to meet the needs of consumers and the changes in the market.

Figure 9-Different kinds of bamboo jars/ bamboo cream jar

The Variety of Bamboo Cream Jar

Currently, the classification of bamboo cream jars is mainly based on the material. According to different customer needs, we have classified the bamboo cream jars into the following categories

1.100% bamboo cream jar

Sure, here’s the translation of your text into English:

100% bamboo cream jar is mainly used to package skincare products that are not directly filled, such as candles. This is because bamboo has pores and is breathable, so it cannot directly contact creams and other skincare products. The entry of air can shorten the life of the cream. Additionally, bamboo has a purely plant-based material, which means that it is not suitable for direct contact with skincare products.

2. Glass jar with bamboo lid

1)The bamboo lid with plastic inner cap

Regarding bamboo lid with plastic inner cap, this type of jar is mainly used to contain creams and other skincare products that require high air tightness. Plastic has better air tightness, which is why this style is currently the choice of most customers. With only one bamboo lid, it is relatively affordable and is a more economical option for brands using bamboo cream jars for the first time. Glass material creams can be made into different unique designs to highlight the brand’s uniqueness. Glass can be silk-screened, 3D printed, and can also be sprayed with different colors. The bamboo lid can also be silk-screened or laser engraved. This style of cream jar is currently the most widely used.

2)100% bamboo lid

100% bamboo lid is a plastic-free bamboo lid that is suitable for products that do not require high air tightness and can be used up quickly. This style of bamboo cream jar is very suitable because it truly achieves plastic-free and the glass can be recycled. The bamboo lid can also be biodegradable. If your product does not require high air tightness and you are very concerned about environmental protection, then this style of bamboo cream jar is your first choice.

3. Glass inner with all bamboo jar

1)The bamboo lid with plastic inner cap

Glass inner with all bamboo jar is another type of bamboo cream jar that combines glass and bamboo. From the appearance, this style of bamboo cream jar looks entirely made of bamboo. It is relatively expensive and heavy, so the shipping cost is also relatively high. However, because the exterior is entirely made of bamboo, full-body cream jar engraving is possible, which creates a high-end design that is suitable for high-end and luxury brands. If the budget allows, this style can be used. Of course, as with the glass jar with bamboo lid mentioned above, if your cream requires high air tightness, we still recommend using a bamboo lid with a plastic inner cap.

2)100% bamboo lid

As mentioned above, the advantages of using the all bamboo jar with glass inner include its high-end design and the ability to perform full-body cream jar engraving. However, if your product does not require high air tightness, and you are very concerned about the use of plastic, you can use a 100% bamboo lid instead.

4. Plastic with bamboo cream jar

We also have a design that combines plastic and bamboo to produce a bamboo cream jar. This design is relatively light, so the shipping cost is much cheaper than glass jars. At the same time, there is no air tightness issue. Moreover, we have chosen recyclable plastic for this design. The plastic is type is PP and PET, the jars series as below :

5. Aluminum and Bamboo Cream Jar

Aluminum and bamboo cream jar is a design that combines metal and bamboo for the cream jar. This design is completely plastic-free. We use aluminum because aluminum jars can be used directly to contain cosmetics, and they are not as fragile as glass jars, which can break easily during transportation or use. Therefore, aluminum jars are an excellent choice for cream jars. However, the design of a plain aluminum jar is relatively simple. By adding bamboo, the overall appearance becomes more elegant and high-end.


The above is an introduction to some basic knowledge of bamboo cream jars. Threebamboo is a professional manufacturer of bamboo cream jars. If you have any confusion when choosing cream jars, we hope this article can help you. Of course, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our sales support team. They will provide you with more professional answers to help you choose the bamboo cream jar that fits your brand positioning.

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