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At our core, sits a mission to revolutionize the eco-friendly cosmetics package industry in China. We’re here to provide alternative options for responsible brands who care deeply about our shared planet Earth and her wellbeing – one bamboo box at a time!

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Since 2019

From the lush bamboo forests of China comes ThreeBamboo, a sustainable packaging manufacturer. With over 12 years perfecting their craft and embracing eco-conscious production methods, they have now begun to ship their innovative products directly around the world in 2019 – making use of 90% less plastic than your average provider!


Bamboo Skincare Packaging

ThreeBamboo is the premium producer of unique and environmentally sustainable bamboo skincare packaging.


Bamboo Makeup Packaging

We feature beautiful designs for Bamboo Makeup Packaging that are eye-catching and memorable.


Bamboo Customization Packaging

When designing other bamboo customization packaging, you can trust us with top quality products that stand out.

At ThreeBamboo, every design is made from 100% natural materials and is biodegradable after disposal.

Protect our Mother Earth

Overview of ThreeBamboo Factory

Why ThreeBamboo?

Introducing ThreeBamboo! Finally, the perfect, sustainable cosmetic packaging solution is here. ThreeBamboo provides highly efficient solutions that are easy to utilize for all types of industry needs. Whether you’re just starting with a small production line or already have an established business, you can trust ThreeBamboo’s daily production of 10,000 pcs of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging designed to give your product the perfect presentation. Our green packaging solutions make it easier than ever to provide sustainable options while still delivering great-looking results.


With a reputation for manufacturing world-class sustainable packaging materials, ThreeBamboo has a cutting-edge digitally controlled machine workshop.


We use top-notch, 50 numerically controlled machine tools, which allows us to craft each container with precision so you can flaunt your favorite beauty products in style. From sleek modern containers to charmingly rustic designs - ThreeBamboo has everything you need for great cosmetics packaging that will make an impression.

Quality Control

With our rigorous quality control standards, you can be sure that you are purchasing the highest quality packaging products on the market. We guarantee to provide products that meet or exceed industry safety and design specifications.

A Team of Experts Who Deliver

Our expert team of professionals provides custom bamboo packaging solutions to fit any and all of your cosmetic product packaging requirements.

Who Are Serving You?

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Questions And Answers

We at ThreeBamboo are proud to provide bamboo cosmetic packaging solutions from our established base of operations in Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China. Our team is dedicated to pursuing the highest standards in design and supply for bamboo cosmetic packaging that you won’t find anywhere else. We look forward to delivering an affordable and reliable experience to help you meet your goals.

Our committed team of 30 professionals collaborate seamlessly together to guarantee an unbeatable customer experience. From sales experts, supply chain wizards and production savants to Quality Control heroes – you can count on us!.

Yes, we do. At ThreeBamboo, we believe businesses should not invest until they’ve tried and tested us. That is why we provide a free sample of any standard bamboo cosmetic packaging you may select. However, you will be charged the regular price per piece if you want a custom-made sample. Moreover, since we only provide free products, you will need to pay the shipping charges.

At ThreeBamboo, we strive to provide our customers with bamboo cosmetic packaging that meets their needs and requirements. We proudly offer customization services for bamboo cosmetic packaging so our clients can get exactly what they need. 

As a leader in the bamboo cosmetic packaging industry, our commitment to quality control is second to none, which begins with the equipment and tools used inside our modern workshop. Our team of experts is knowledgeable in the latest technologies and approaches to bamboo cosmetic packaging, as well as in-depth industry experience.

At ThreeBamboo, you can rest assured that your safety and data are top priority. We require a 30% deposit for all bamboo cosmetic packaging orders and the remaining 70% is due upon completion before it’s shipped off to you! All payments are completely secure with encryption technology..

From North America and Europe to Australia, we make logistics a breeze – shipping by sea, train or air is all at your fingertips! And need something sent express? We’ve got you covered there too. Even South America and Africa are in the mix with our exclusive express delivery service.

Our Story

From a love of nature and the strive for zero-waste goals, ThreeBamboo was founded to provide bamboo cosmetic packaging solutions. The revolutionary idea came about when witnessing businesses abroad use bamboo materials for product packaging, which inspired us to explore the numerous benefits bamboo has in terms of sustainability and elegance. After talking to industry experts and studying bamboo’s properties, ThreeBamboo has successfully become an innovator in the sector. We use bamboo as our primary material due to its many advantages, like fully renewable and compostable abilities and high strength-to-weight properties, making it highly suitable for cosmetic packaging compared to plastic. Our team is dedicated to furthering sustainability in all aspects of our company. Since day one, we have sought to reduce plastic using bamboo, combining sophistication with environmental consciousness.


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