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Figure 6-Bamboo Lip Balm Tube

Green Packaging With Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes

  • Choose bamboo lip balm tubes from ThreeBamboo constructed using sturdy, long-lasting design.
  • You may personalize these lip balm containers with OEM services and engraving.
  • All the materials used are inert and non-toxic; therefore, they do not contaminate the product.

Multi-Use Bamboo Lip Balm Container

  • The bamboo lip gloss tube is super versatile and can be used for lip balms and lipsticks.
  • The bamboo lip balm container tubes are light, ensuring they’re travel-friendly.  
  • After use, you can clean them and fill them with your favorite lip product again to reuse.

Bamboo Lip Balm Tube Category

Choose the bamboo cream jar you like and contact our sales to know more information.More bamboo cosmetic packaging, click here.

Why Choose ThreeBamboo?

In order to ensure your success, we aim to provide you with high quality, cost-effective, timely, and risk-free manufacturing services.

ThreeBamboo Factory Overview

Questions And Answers

For the 4g bamboo lip balm and 5g bamboo lip balm tube, you do not use the mold; just fill the liquid directly into the tube. For the 5g lipstick tube with a diameter of 12.1mm, you’ll need to use the mold.

Bamboo lip gloss tubes are constructed using aluminum, and PP to make bamboo lip gloss tubes and bamboo lip balm tubes. These materials are durable and planet-friendly.

We accept Paypal and SWIFT bank payments.

You may place a request to receive free samples of bamboo lip gloss tube packaging before ordering a large batch. You’ll have to pay a shipping fee of 50 USD for the free bamboo lip balm tubes.

We’ll prepare your in-stock bamboo lip balm container order within 7 working days after successful payment. For bespoke packaging orders, we need 25-60 working days, depending on the order quantity. Contact our team to learn more about the exact delivery dates.

If you see the bamboo lip balm container has visible damage or is defective, please share the details along with videos/photos. Our team will investigate the matter. We’ll send replacements for the defective/damaged tubes with the next order.

The minimum order quantity(MOQ) for bamboo lip gloss is 100 pcs for stock items. For other customized bamboo lip gloss tubes or bamboo lip balm tubes, it may vary from 1,000 pcs to 10,000 pcs. You may reach out to our salespeople for confirmation.

The bamboo lip gloss tube and container come in a natural bamboo shade. You may use silk printing and  laser engraving for your company’s logo.

Yes! If you want to reuse the container, just wash a bamboo lip balm container with soap and water using a dropper when it’s empty. Dry the insides well and fill them with melted lip balm or lipstick. You can use it once the lip product is solid.

Not only does a bamboo lip balm container look stylish as part of your daily hygiene ritual, but it also comes with distinct advantages when compared to regular plastic packaging.

You won’t have to worry about any nasty toxins leaching into your delicate lips, and it’s kinder to the planet thanks to its biodegradable properties while still ensuring that the contents are safely stored. And bamboo can be customized using laser engraving artwork to show your brand; plastic can not.

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Planet-Friendly Packaging: Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes

Are you looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging? Do you want to reduce your environmental footprint but are worried about sacrificing product quality and availability?

If so, switch from traditional plastics and opt for sustainable bamboo lip balm tubes! Not only are bamboo lip balm tubes Earth-friendly, but they also look eye-catching and stylish. Perfect for any beauty enthusiast looking to add some sustainable flair to their daily routine!  

So if you’re looking for a way to reduce your environmental impact, keep reading to learn more about bamboo lip balm tubes.

Figure 7-Bamboo Lip Balm Tube

The Need for Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is important because it helps reduce the amount of waste that is produced each year. It also helps to conserve resources and protect the environment. Bamboo lip balm tubes are made from materials that can be recycled or reused, helping to reduce the amount of pollution that is created.

Benefits of sustainable packaging

Bamboo grows incredibly fast and abundantly. With its rapid growth rate, products will get to their destination quicker than ever before. Also, you won’t need to worry about running out of materials anytime soon.

Bamboo isn’t chemically treated; hence, it’s not toxic. Since bamboo doesn’t naturally contain toxins or require additional chemicals when harvested, there’s no associated risk. This is an incredibly safe option for storing both food items as well as other types of items like cosmetics or clothing pieces!

Unlike plastic packaging, which contains hazardous substances such as phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), and formaldehyde. You know exactly what you’re getting with bamboo! Moreover, bamboo lip gloss tube is a more sustainable option than materials like plastic, which can take hundreds of years to decompose.

How is Bamboo Lip Balm Container Packaging Better?

Bamboo lip balm tubes are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable packaging option due to their impressive environmental benefits. Not only do they look great, but they are also incredibly durable and can last for years when properly cared for.

Renewable choice

In addition to being attractive, bamboo is also a highly renewable resource that grows quickly and doesn’t require as much energy or water to cultivate compared to other materials like plastic. This means that you don’t have to worry about your lip balm tube taking away resources from the environment – bamboo lip balm tubes actually add back more than they take.

Easy Customization

Bamboo lip balm tubes come in many shapes and sizes, which allows you to customize them according to your needs and what kind of product you’re selling (lipsticks vs traditional lip balms etc.). You can also have custom engravings printed directly onto bamboo lip balm tubes or sides, which helps with brand recognition in stores as well as online shopping platforms.


Overall, bamboo lip balm containers make for a sustainable packaging choice for packaging. They’re stylish, sustainable, easy to customize, reusable, and beneficial to the environment. Additionally, bamboo lip balm tubes make excellent gifts because they’re thoughtful and personal while promoting one’s values.

Ultimately this is a win-win situation: not only will you have beautiful and sustainable packaging, but you’ll also be contributing to a cleaner environment. Bamboo won’t just make your products look good – it can help promote sustainability goals while helping reduce the carbon footprint in style!


Bamboo cosmetic packaging usage is increasing, today we introduce about the bamboo lip balm tube . As an emerging eco-friendly product, the usage of bamboo lip balm tube is also gradually increasing. Compared to traditional plastic lip balm tubes, bamboo lip balm tubes are not only environmentally friendly but also have a better texture and aesthetic features. In addition, the types and designs of bamboo lip balm tubes are becoming more and more diverse, giving consumers more choices. In this era of increasing emphasis on environmental protection, choosing bamboo lip balm tubes is not only an environmental behavior but also a reflection of fashion and taste.

The main variety of bamboo lip balm tube at ThreeBamboo

4g bamboo lip balm tube

The 4g bamboo lip balm tube is a slim design with a capacity of 4g. This type of lip balm tube can be filled directly with liquid, without the need for a mold. Its slim design is like a high heel, slender and with a good feel, which many customers prefer for its elegant visual effect. The inside is made of PP plastic, and the outside is made of natural bamboo material.

You may wonder why plastic is used inside the bamboo lip balm tube. Well, the reason is that natural bamboo cannot directly contact the balm due to its porous surface. This can cause an airtightness issue, leading to the hardening of the lip balm. While we strive to reduce the use of plastic, it is not feasible to completely replace it in certain functional aspects. However, we have replaced some of the accessories with bamboo, and the PP plastic inside can be recycled. Environmental protection is an ongoing process, and we need to improve step by step.

If you want to customize your logo, we offer both silk-screen printing and laser engraving options. However, we highly recommend choosing laser engraving because it gives a more three-dimensional and aesthetically pleasing effect when paired with bamboo. Additionally, if you are purchasing in small quantities, laser engraving is more suitable for you because it does not require a printing plate or setup cost. You only need to pay for the per-unit engraving fee according to your payment order.

5g bamboo lip balm tube

The 5g bamboo lip balm tube is designed with three sections of bamboo shell, making it relatively thicker and shorter in length. This design caters to the aesthetic preferences of another group of customers. Like other bamboo lip balm tubes, it does not require a mold and can be filled directly with your lip balm liquid. It is also very easy to use.

Like the 4g bamboo lip balm tube, there are also plastic components inside the 5g bamboo lip balm tube. We have used recyclable PP plastic for these components.

Similarly, if you want to customize your logo, you can choose either silk-screen printing or laser engraving. However, please remember that you need to provide an AI vector file so that we can engrave it for you.

Paper lip balm tube with bamboo lid

The paper lip balm tube with bamboo lid is a bamboo lip balm tube that does not contain any plastic materials, 100% plastic-free. It uses a push-up paper tube design instead of the traditional twist-up design. This tube can also be filled directly with your lip balm liquid without the need for a mold. Additionally, it comes with a bamboo lid, making it a fully eco-friendly option for your lip balm packaging needs.

But there are some disadvantages for the paper lip balm tube with bamboo lid:

  • The first drawback is that the minimum order quantity for this type of bamboo lip balm tube is high, starting at 10,000 units. This is because the paper tube inside is custom-made, which limits the minimum order quantity. Many customers may not be able to purchase such a large quantity on their first order, making this style unsuitable for small customers or those who make handmade lip balms.
  • The second drawback is related to the issue of tolerance. Because paper material is not as hard as plastic or metal, its stability is not very high. After filling the liquid into the paper tube, the tube may expand, especially when subjected to different temperatures and pressures. This may cause problems such as the bamboo lid being unable to fit properly or falling off.

Bamboo Lipstick tube

Some customers may choose to use bamboo lipstick tubes to make lip balms. However, this type of tube requires the use of a mold. The inner diameter of the lipstick tube is 12.1mm, and you will need to fill the mold with your lip balm liquid. Once the balm has cooled and solidified, you can transfer it into the lipstick tube.

Our bamboo lip balm tube is currently available in two colors – gold and silver – to meet different customer preferences. Similarly, the components inside the tube are made of plastic and aluminum. You might wonder if it is possible to use only aluminum and eliminate plastic altogether. Unfortunately, this is not feasible as plastic is irreplaceable for some functional components. However, we have replaced as many components as possible with aluminum and bamboo to minimize plastic use.


That concludes the basic information about the bamboo lip balm tube. For further information, we will continue to provide more educational articles. If you have any other questions or concerns that have not been addressed in this article, please feel free to contact our sales support tea

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