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Figure 1-Bamboo Hair Comb

ThreeBamboo Long-Lasting Bamboo Hair Comb

  • Choose ThreeBamboo’s long-lasting hair comb made from high-quality bamboo.  
  • The bamboo hair comb comes with a cushion pad that has a massage function. This increases hair circulation in the scalp, which is good for scalp health and hair growth.
  • You can rely on our quality as we use the best raw material from sustainably sourced bamboo.
  • We take immense pride in our unparalleled work ethic. We ensure our products are sustainable and attractive.

Luxurious Bamboo Hair Comb

  • The bamboo hair comb is constructed using bamboo that’s perfect for all hair types.
  • These combs come in different sizes, making them suitable for everyone. You may also carry smaller ones in your purse.
  • The bamboo comb has a massaging effect on the scalp and feels luxurious on the hair locks.
Figure 2-Bamboo Hair Comb

Why Choose ThreeBamboo?

In order to ensure your success, we aim to provide you with high quality, cost-effective, timely, and risk-free manufacturing services.

ThreeBamboo Factory Overview

Questions And Answers

Yes, bamboo hair combs are made with naturally derived materials that are sustainable and incredibly durable! The teeth and handles of the comb are solid and won’t break easily, and the bamboo itself is a sturdy material. With proper care, these combs will last long.

When it comes to hair combs, you have two main options: plastic or bamboo. Both have pros and cons, but which is cheaper in the long run? Let’s start with plastic combs.

They’re typically very cheap to buy and last a long time. However, they can damage your hair, and they’re not eco-friendly. You may find bamboo combs to be a bit more on the higher end initially; however, they’re better for your hair and are biodegradable.

And at the same time, our comb with a cushion has a massage function So, when looking for a cheaper and more effective alternative to a plastic hair comb, bamboo is a perfect choice!

The combs are available in two to three different sizes: Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L). For more information, you may check the different sizes on the product page to see the details.

Yes, we do provide free samples of bamboo hair combs. This will allow you to check the quality and suggest changes before placing a large order.

For an existing sample, we’ll provide free samples. You’ll have to pay a shipping cost of 50 USD.

Our team works around the clock to get your orders on time.

For in-stock items, our team will require 7 days to prepare the whole order after we receive a successful payment.

Our team will need a standard production time of 25-60 working days for a custom order. This allows us to deliver the best quality products. Please contact our sales team for the exact time frame of the order.  

If you receive a damaged bamboo comb, please take photos and videos of the damage and send them to us. Our team will investigate the issue and find the reasons for the damage or defective pieces. We will send replacements in your next order if the issue is from our end.

The minimum order quantity for the bamboo comb is 100 pieces. Our team also handles large orders for various clients.

You may reach out to our team for custom designs and sizes. Moreover, services such as laser engraving and screen printing are available to add logos and company names to the combs.

This is the exhaust hole to give your scalp a massaging effect. This hole will allow the airbag to circulate the outside towards the scalp. As a result, there will be a sense of massage.

This is ideal for enjoying a hair massage at home every time you brush your hair. The massage cushion will stimulate hair growth and also relax your nerves. You’ll feel refreshed after each use.

Bamboo combs work well for all hair types. They are gentle and distribute natural oils evenly throughout the hair. This results in softer and shinier hair naturally. Also, bamboo combs have a natural anti-static ability, which is helpful for fine/flyaway hair.

The comb may be used for detangling wet/dry hair and for styling the hair. So if your hair is frizzy and thin, a bamboo hair comb will fix that. The bamboo comb will tame the curly hair while enabling hair growth.

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What are the Benefits of Using Bamboo Hair Comb?

Bamboo combs are an excellent way to improve the health of your hair. They are gentle on the scalp and help to remove build-up and debris from the hair. Bamboo combs also stimulate circulation on the scalp, which can promote hair growth.


Moreover, bamboo combs are eco-friendly and sustainable. Keep reading to learn more about how switching to a bamboo hair comb is better for your hair.

Benefits of Bamboo Hair Comb

Using a bamboo hair comb has plenty of benefits.


Bamboo hair combs are a non-polluting sustainable option. We all know that plastic isn’t biodegradable and adds to environmental pollution. On the flip side, bamboo combs are compostable post-use; hence, they will not add to landfills.

Sturdy built

Bamboo is also a solid material, so your bamboo comb will last a long time. Combined with boar bristles, bamboo combs last for years.

Better hair

Bamboo hair combs are also great for your hair! They help to distribute your natural oils evenly throughout your hair, giving it a healthy shine. The comb helps to keep the scalp free of dirt, oil, and bacteria, which can help to prevent scalp odor and infection.

Besides, bamboo is a smooth material that won’t tug or pull at your hair as some plastic combs can. Finally, the comb’s natural construction prevents static electricity and frizz.

Figure 3-Bamboo Hair Comb

How does a bamboo hair comb help to improve hair and scalp health?

Bamboo hair combs are made of natural materials that are gentle on the scalp as well as the hair. Moreover, due to its anti-static and anti-bacterial properties, it helps to keep the scalp and hair healthy.

Your hair will remain split end free as smooth bamboo combs distribute natural hair oil from root to tip.

Key features of a good bamboo hair comb

When looking for a bamboo hair comb, you want to make sure to find one with the following key features:

  • Fine teeth that can get through hair quickly without snagging
  • The bristles should be evenly spaced
  • A comfortable grip
  • Massaging soft bristles for the scalp
  • A sturdy construction

Ideally, you want to find a comb made from 100% bamboo or wood, as this will be the most environmentally friendly option.

Caring for a bamboo hair comb to ensure its longevity

There are a few things you may do to care for your bamboo hair comb and ensure its longevity. First, avoid exposing it to any kind of moisture. As a natural material, bamboo may become warped or damaged if it gets wet.

Second, be careful not to snag any of the bristles on anything sharp. This could damage the comb and shorten its lifespan. Finally, store it in a dry place when not in use.


So, now you know why you should switch to a bamboo hair comb. They are excellent for those seeking a healthy and sustainable option for their hair care needs. Unlike plastic combs with harmful chemicals, bamboo combs are 100% natural and safe for both people as well as the environment.

Additionally, bamboo combs are known for promoting hair growth and cause less hair breakage when used for detangling. Buying bamboo hair combs will save your hair!

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